Thursday, February 28, 2008

Teriffic News!

After two years of talking, planning, dreaming and hoping, Hatch may finally have a home. Last night the Hamtramck City Council unanimously approved a resolution to grant Hatch a one-year site option on the former police station so we can purchase the building for one dollar. We have one year to raise enough money to make the building operable. Thanks to all of you that turned out for support!

This is exciting both for Hatch and for Hamtramck, which will reap the benefits of having an art center along with the positive image of a progressive city that takes bold moves to support art and culture. The media has taken note, so watch for stories on Hatch in print and on air.

The next step is ours to take. We will be applying for a number of grants and will begin an aggressive fundraising campaign. Hatch will need you to both help and contribute. More than ever we will need volunteers to keep this groundswell of progress moving forward. We will be mailing out a document that will list the things that you can do for Hatch and the things that Hatch can do for you. It will also be placed on the website if we do not have your mailing address.

Personally I would like to thank all of you who have done so much for Hatch. This has been a group effort and it will continue to be. Those of you who have been hoping to get involved or have been thinking about joining, now is the perfect time. You can be a part of something positive, exciting and homespun.

Chris Schneider
President of Hatch


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