Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hatched in Detroit: A Traveling Show

HATCH is putting together a traveling exhibit this year and we want you to be a part of it!

Entries will be accepted from Hatch members only. However, we're always looking for new members: if you know an artist who should be part of our show and our group, we strongly encourage you to invite them! New members can send their entries along with their membership applications. Applications and other membership details are available at

To keep shipping costs down, this show will consist of lightweight 2-dimensional work. Dimensions should be no greater than 25"x25" and no thicker than 1". Print editions are welcome. Unframed, poster-style presentation is encouraged; otherwise, the work should be ready to hang out of the shipping box and use no glass.

4 or 5 venues across North America -- private galleries, college galleries, non-profit galleries; we won't rule out any respectable place. Once the show is curated, we'll shop it around and develop a list of destinations.

Have it travel for a year to a year and a half. Since many galleries book well in advance, there is a chance that the show will not hit the road for several months and extend well into 2011.

There is no entry fee. Hatch hopes to get assistance from the galleries with shipping expenses and is also seeking grant money for this purpose. If these methods prove to be unfruitful, we may request a small commission or shipping fee (around $20) from accepted artists.

All work should be for sale. If an original sells at one venue, it will need to be replaced with another similar work, either by the original artist or an alternate. If an edition sells, the one with the show can remain and the artist can ship anto the buyer. The galleries will probably charge a commission, so price accordingly.

Entries will be judged by Hatch board members from digital images. Images should be about 800x600 pixels at 72dpi. Include your name in the digital file name. In the body of your message, include the following information about each entered work:

Home phone
Cell phone
Web site
Size (L"xW"xD")
Sale Price

Deliver your digital images by email to Include HATCHED IN DETROIT in the subject field.

Disks can be hand-delivered to the March 28th Hatch meeting or mailed to the following address:
PO Box 12074
Hamtramck, MI 48212

Contact Chris at


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