Friday, March 29, 2013

Now Through April 20

Underdog: Artwork by Christopher Schneider
HATCH Gallery, 3456 Evaline Street, Hamtramck, MI
Gallery hours: Saturday 1-6 pm

Solo exhibition of photo-based artwork by Christopher Schneider.

Sports are typically about superstars, records and the pursuit of championships. It is a massive media franchise that sells scandal, statistics and hope and it is one-dimensional in its singular pursuit glory.

This work is not about that.

As a former coach, I know what sports can offer. It is both crucially important and emphasized far too much. Stripping away the box scores and hype that make sports ludicrous, games are reduced to moments of action with large gaps of inaction flowing with raw emotions. This work combines these moments, creating panoramic-like montages based on the undersized, underprivileged Hamtramck high school football team that hadn't won a game in five years. What I found in them was not innocent or heroic, but in their thriving was a certain kind of beauty. The flow of the game, the wicked collisions, the athleticism of youth, and the fervent urgency shows why sport, and in particular football, is a vibrant part of American culture.



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